Exclusive Services we offer

At Premier Hospitality USA our clientele includes hotel owners, hotel ownership groups, hotel managers, purchasing companies and agents, as well as interior design firms.

Each project that we take on requires different levels of engagement and has different goals to be achieved. Our job is to ensure that each project is executed correctly and efficiently.

Our manufacturing facilities are located in California and Tijuana to facilitate the manufacturing and shipping of our products. 

The benefits of working with our partner manufacturing is to assure quality control, accurate production and timelines. The lower cost are passed on to our clients.

 In addition to supplying clients with a full selection of these products, we also offer a wide selection of other full Premier Hospitality USA products through strong relationships that we have built with known industry suppliers.

Our Experienced Staff will work directly with yours to meet their desired criteria, yet stay within your budget.

We have relationships with hundreds of manufacturers around the world which allow us to provide you with virtually any specified product as well as to recommend any alternative with your approval.

By offering these services to our clients, the furnishing process is much more smooth and efficient!

For much less than it costs to buy new furniture you can restore the furniture you already own to its original, beautiful condition; or give it a new look by adding a skirt or widening the arms.  Any other modification you may want can be possible. Custom reupholstery can save you 25% to 50% off the cost of comparable new furniture; that could be hundreds of dollars in savings.

Wood Finishes

Have you hit those sofa legs with the vacuum one too many times or are the wood legs on that wing back chair looking like they need some freshening up? We can refinish the wooden legs on furniture and even change the color if you would like.

​We strip the wood down to the fresh wood hidden under years of varnish, dirt, and wax before we apply the new stain. When finished, it will look as good as the day it was purchased.

Our Experienced Staff will work directly with you